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J-PLEx Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

J-PLEx: Gan (Kindergarten)

On Sunday mornings (9:30-12:00) kindergarteners are introduced to the J-PLEx model.

  • Limmud (learning) is an interactive experience focused on the day’s learning theme and is led by the Gan counselor.
  • Tarbut (culture) specialists come to the group to lead music and arts activities.
  • Every Sunday a Hebrew specialist comes to introduce key Hebrew words and bring them to life.

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J-PLEx: Shoresh (1st-3rd Grade)

On Sunday mornings (9:30-12:00) cabin groups engage in hands-on learning in Jewish living and culture.

  • Limmud (learning) is an interactive experience focused on the
    day’s learning theme.
  • Tarbut (culture) are group experiences in the area of Jewish culture.
  • Hebrew is a living language and every morning there is a chance to bring
    it to life.
  • AND games building teamwork, mitzvah projects, Jewish foods, and joyful worship.

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Star 123, our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade youth group is a great way to make new friends while doing fun and exciting activities! We meet one Sunday a month, after J-PLEx, from 12:00-3:00.  These meetings include lunch and a fun program. Some programs are based at Temple Judea and others are offsite. Star 123 is a wonderful first taste of youth group at Temple Judea! This is a place where friendships and memories are made that last a life time.

Family Programs

Family Friendly Fridays: Bring the whole family to a special Friday evening at Temple Judea! Share a joyous worship experience that highlights the warmth of our congregational family during our regular Friday night service. Child friendly dinner and post-dinner activity round out the evening.

Tot Shabbat: Celebrate Shabbat together with other preschool families while enjoying interactive prayers and stories, followed by hands-on activities for children, food, and play.

PJ Library: Children love the joy of being read a good book! Join our Early Childhood Director for a special PJ Library story followed by a hands-on activity.

Parent Programs

There are many opportunities to bring parents together to learn from and with each other.

J-PLEx Philosophy

The mission of J-PLEx is to support the development of dedicated and knowledgeable Reform Jews. Our learners are encouraged to discover their own Jewish identity guided by the principles of derech eretz, (good character) and mitzvot (sacred conduct). We are committed to preparing our youth to comfortably engage in conversation with Jewish tradition, Torah, Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel), and Klal Yisrael (the people Israel). J-PLEx accomplishes this mission through engaging and interactive learning experiences for all ages that grow out of the success of summer camp!

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