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Family Resources
Because Jewish families are the core of Jewish life and children are the source of our future, addressing infertility, financially supporting treatment, and building awareness are important to our community.
Yesh Tikva, Hebrew for “There is Hope,” was established to end the silence and create a Jewish community of support for all Jewish people facing infertility. Yesh Tikva offers free professional psychosocial services, resources and tools to those struggling with infertility, while simultaneously raising awareness and sensitivity on the subject throughout the Jewish community.

Greater Miami Jewish Federation Fertility Loan Fund
If you have always dreamed of having a family but are struggling with infertility, the journey can be isolating, emotional and scary. And adding to the stress is the heavy financial burden you may experience when contemplating infertility treatments. Often times, the biggest obstacle facing would-be parents is the ability to afford treatment, which may not be covered by private insurance.

HFLA and the Making Miracle Babies Fertility Fund can help make your dream a reality. We are proud to offer interest-free loans of $18,000 to pay for in-vitro fertilization procedures. Established by Michelle and Matan Ben-Aviv of Miami Beach, who have two children through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), the program is available to Jewish parents living in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Greater Miami Jewish Federation Adoption Loan Fund
Adopting a child can be expensive. From attorney’s fees to agency costs, the expenses can reach $60,000. For hopeful families, this financial reality may prove to be an unsurmountable obstacle. That is where HFLA can help. Thanks to a generous donation by Reggie and Jeff Goldstein, HFLA of South Florida has expanded its Making Miracle Babies Fertility Fund to include interest-free loans for adoption. The Goldstein Family Adoption Fund will provide $24,000 to cover the birth mother’s medical and living expenses, adoption and attorney fees, social worker fees, court costs and more. For the Goldsteins, it is a deeply personal mission. Their son and daughter were adopted so they understand how complicated and costly the process can be.


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