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Congregants on Cardboard Cutouts

Ordering Your Cardboard Cutout:
· Take a picture from the waist up OR choose a photo from your phone in appropriate attire.

· Choose your level below.
· Upload your color photo below—all photos must be received digitally and be a JPG in at least 300 dpi format.
· Individual Adult Cardboard Cutouts are 2x3 feet waist up and Cardboard Cuties for Kids and “Fur Babies” are 1x3 feet waist up and both are printed on rigid cardboard and ready for placement.

Chanukah Only:

Those buying a new cardboard cutout for Chanukah or upgrading from the Days of Awe Double or High Holy Day Hineini:

$36 per child 
$36 per fur baby 

$54 each for adult
$136 each for The High Holy Days Hineni
$540 each for The Sanctuary Stand-in - Limited Reserved Seating

Contact Information: 

   Cardboard Cuties - Ages 0-13 - $36.00
   “Fur Babies” – Pets (No Age Limit) - $36.00
   Adults buying New for Chanukah - $54.00
   The High Holy Days Hineni - $136.00
   The Sanctuary Stand-in - Limited Reserved Seating - $540.00

Click here to see the Sample of Waist Up Photo Perspective. 

For questions about “Congregants on Cardboard Cutouts”, please email
Danielle Spiegelman at 
Tue, August 3 2021 25 Av 5781