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613 B'Yachad

Dear Temple Judea Congregants, 

We are excited to introduce you our new program called “613 B’yachad”. You are all welcome to participate. We are putting together 6 groups of at least 13 people in each (to represent the number 613) who would be getting together for a special dinner at one of our groups ambassador’s home.

This could happen on Shabbat or at any other day of the week. The idea is for you to connect and enjoy this time “b’yachad”, together.

Our groups will have a topic of interest so let us know which one is the one you feel like joining. Each topic comes from the name or meaning of a prayer and you’ll be invited with your dinner group to come up to the bimah for that particular prayer during a Shabbat service.

We can’t wait to see which group you choose to be in. 
Please reach out to Gaby so we can reserve your place at your special dinner. 

With shalom and enthusiasm,
Gaby Enser Tangir & Cristina Leah Fernandes

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784