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“Judea High was a great way for me to continue learning about my Jewish heritage while maintaining friendships with people I've known since birth.”  ~Erica

Our High school (Judea High) program combines the best of our formal and informal programs into one program, creating a holistic education experience for all of our youth. Some evenings our students are engaged in class and then youth group, while on other nights class and youth group are combined into one program. Our curriculum is designed to be relevant, engaging, and uniquely crafted to the lives of today’s teens.

"Being at Temple on Monday nights (for Judea High and JTY) was one of the most important aspects of my life during high school; not only was I able to socialize with friends and family on a weekly basis, but I was also able to explore perspectives across religions and become aware of the world around me." ~Damian

p5060163Teens continue their education, and help others by participating in our Madrichim program. Madrichim support our teachers in classroom activities, assist the students where necessary, and provide one-on-one tutoring. All of our Madrichim work as volunteers and receive community service hours for their time at Temple Judea. Madrichim meet 3x a month with our Madrichim Coordinator. If you are interested in becoming one of our madrichim, please complete this on-line application

169870 497361462927_511712927_6002781_1398027_o 1All Judea High students participate in this trip in tenth grade. The L'Taken Seminar is an intensive four-day teen kallah in Washington, DC , focused on Jewish values and social justice. Every year, nearly 1,500 high school-aged students participate in this exciting event sponsored by the Religious Action Center. This unique Washington opportunity lets students hear from experts from both inside and outside of the Jewish community. Every L’Taken Seminar covers several different issue areas in a variety of interactive formats. Each seminar includes an opportunity to tour the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Havdalah services at the Lincoln Memorial. Students also sample the "night life" of Georgetown and other exciting areas of Washington. This experience is generously funded by the Temple Judea Endowment Fund.

Visiting Israel for about two weeks is great, but doing it with my friends and Rabbis is even better.  A large portion of the kids with whom I will be spending time during this trip I've known since I was in pre-school and some of the kids I will be spending time with I've met over the last year.  This trip is going to be a time where I can develop better friendships with my friends from Hebrew school and maybe even make new friends. ~9th Grade Student


Help us fund our next trip and support the JNF when you plant a tree in Israel!

  1. Go to the Plant Your Way website.
  2. Select “Find a Participant”
  3. Select “Search by Team” and enter “Temple Judea Teens”
  4. Our Team will appear under the search box.
  5. Click on “Temple Judea Teens” and you will be directed to our team page. 6.Find the button that says “Support Temple Judea Teens” and purchase as many trees as you would like.


197943 1960013519972_1231820183_2428933_4931261_nOur 11th & 12th grade students have the opportunity to participate in a service learning trip to New Orleans. Framed around the value “Al Ta’amod – Don’t be a bystander… Bear Witness” teens help rebuild the city of New Orleans as well as learn about the political issues of class in America that were exposed by Hurricane Katrina. On our last trip, with Etgar 36, the teens met with Jewish and non Jewish residents to hear first hand accounts of the devastation of the hurricane, experienced the various cultures that create New Orleans by taking a voodoo walking tour of famous cemeteries and the French Quarter, learned about Jazz and hear live Dixieland Jazz where it was created, and walked through the Lower Ninth Ward and the infamous leevees to see where and how the floods occurred and help the city recover by getting involved in a hands on clean up project.