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muss hsiAlexander Muss HIgh School in Israel is designed for public and private school students; the program is pluralistic and non-demoniational. Whether you are looking to explore your heritage or just learning history and traveling, AMHSI offers the opportunity to do so, while preparing for college. This six-week study abroad program follows a chronological curriculum of 4,000 years by actually traveleing through history, using the land of Israel as a "living classroom."  For additional information contact Orlie Braha, Miami Director of Admissions at 786.262.2609 or For complete program summaries visit

Spending eight weeks in Israel was the highlight of my high school experience. On Alexander Muss one day you study about a place and the next day you go visit it as you travel through. I loved this way of learning because in the future I know I will be able to recount historical events based on the amazing places I traveled to. Another thing that made the trip so spectacular was being there for the winter term. The two other times I have visited Israel have been during the summer and I can honestly say that experiencing the first night of Channukkah in Tzfat and not getting heat stroke when climbing up Masada made going on AMSHI a journey of a lifetime, one that I highly recommend!  ~Meg Parker

nfty in israelSince 1958, thousands of families have chosen NFTY for more than just a thrilling summer experience. For over 30,000 young people, NFTY programs have turned a spark of interest into a summer of exciting challenges, wonderful new friends and lifelong Jewish involvement. Programs include NFTY Adventure, NFTY L'Dor V'Dor, NFTY Shir Chadash, NFTY Bridge to Israel, and NFTY-EIE HIgh School in Israel Summer Session. For additional information contact 212.452.6517 or For complete program summaries visit

bbyo passportWelcome to BBYO Passport - the leading provider of travel programs for Jewish teens. Passport trips combine elements of active touring, cross-cultural interactions and meaningful Jewish experiences. Israel Programs: Israel Journey, Trek Israel, International Leadership Seminar Israel (ILSI), and Impact: Israel. Europe and Israel Programs: Euro-Israel Journey Center and Euro-Israel Journey Spain. Europe Programs: Euro-Quest Western, Euro-Quest Mediterranean, Euro-Quest Continental andAmbassador to Bulgaria. Western Hemisphere Programs: Eco-Quest Costa Rica and Trek West USA. Africa: South African Journey. For additional information contact 1.800.698.1002 or For complete program summaries visit

masaMasa Israel Journey offers over 200 study, internship, and volunteer opportunities all over Israel lasting between five and twelve months. Our program finder lets you search a range of dates, locations, and types of program so you can find the most relevant options for you. We recommend you take advantage of's "Program Finder" to discover the experience that's right for you.  For additional information contact 1.866.864.3279 or For complete program summaries and to use the "Program Finder" visit

livnot ulehibanotJoin Livnot for a short-term Israel program in the mystical city of Tzfat, the center of Kabbalah. Livnot offers an integrated Israel experience of volunteering, hiking, and community building that allows participants to explore themselves and connections to their Jewish roots. Programs include Northern Exposure, Galilee Fellowship, Alternative Break and Customized Group Volunteering. For additional information contact 561.381.4999 or For complete program summaries visit

taglitTaglit-Birthright Israel offers the gift of a free, 10-day educational trip to Israel for Jewish adults between the ages of 18 to 26.The trip aims to strengthen participants’ Jewish identity; to build an understanding, friendship and lasting bond with the land and people of Israel; and to reinforce the solidarity of the Jewish people worldwide. Niche programs include Israel Outdoors, Culinary Israel, Fashion Israel, Greek Leadership and Service, and more. Community trips are also available. For additional information contact 1.888.99.ISRAEL or For complete program summaries visit

my israel summerTime off? Take your summer on. If you're young, wild, and free, and between the ages of 18 and 30, life should be a beach...especially if that beach happens to be a few miles away from a fabulous internship, service, or study program. Programs include Magen David Adom (Volunteering with Ambulances), Sar-El (Volunteering with IDF Soldiers), and Real Life Israel. For additional information contact 1.212.339.6061 or For complete program summaries visit

kibbutz program centerAs one of the premier providers of long and short term Israel experiences both on and off kibbutzim in Israel, KPC offers a wide range of options. programs offer numerous opportunities for volunteers, students, and other interested participants to engage in environmental apprenticeships, peace and co-existence projects, and social activism throughout Israel. Programs include Kibbutz Ulpan, Kibbutz Volunteering and Coexistence and Arabic Study. For additional information contact 212.462.2764 or For complete program summaries visit

young judaeaYoung Judaea has been leading programs to Israel since 1951. Our jam-packed programs give you all the fun and excitement of a teen tour plus those extras that will make your summer a time to meet new people, learn, grow, be challenged, and most of all, have a great time. Programs include Young Judaea Discovery, Young Judaea I Speak Israel and Young Judaea Amirim. For additional information contact 1.800.725.0612 or For complete program summaries visit

adamahOur mission is to challenge teenagers to increase their self-confidence, independence, and sense of adventure, while building a strong Jewish community focused on environmental awareness and outdoor living. Programs include Blue Ridge Mountains, Peaks and Paddles, Pacific Northwest and Oregon Service. For additional information contact 404.297.4914 or Visit for complete program listings. 

kutzThe NFTY Leadership Experience is designed for students who are looking for a challenging, intense program. The recipe for Kutz is simple: just choose a major, pick your minors, and choose an elective. You design a summer experience that's made specifically for you! Majors include Digital Media, Songleading, Outdoor Adventure and Temple Youth Group Leadership. For additional information contact 212.650.4164. or Visit for complete program listings. 

machon kaplanSocial Action Summer Internship Study Program for College Students at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington, DC. Students intern at socially progressive organizations and take two classes (resulting in six academic credits) from the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institiute of Religion (HUC-JIR). Participants will living in Washington, DC as a part of a unique community and will enjoy social, cultural, and religious events. Students will also hear from leading speakers on contemporary issues. For additional information visit the RAC's website at or contact Program Director Rabbi MIchael Namath at 202.387.2800 or

etgar 36America is the journey and destination of any Etgar 36 journey. Etgar 36 is a cross country summer journey in which you experience the sites, sounds, culture, food, and people of each city. Programs include Etgar 36 (36 days) and Etgar 36 West (22 days). For additional information contact or 404.456.6605. Visit for complete program listings.

or tzedekHigh School teens spend eight days with Or Tzedek and gain a lifetime of experience, perspective and memories. The program strengthens the participants’ Jewish identity and clarifies their commitment to social and economic justice. Highlights include working in Chicago's diverse neighborhoods, developing leadership skills and examing urban issues. Upon completion of this program teens will earn 30-40 community service hours. For additional information contact 312.663.0960 or Visit for complete program listings.

mitzvah corpsSocial action, volunteering, friends, expanded horizons, and fun, are all part of the Mitzvah Corps experience. With Mitzvah Corps, Jewish teens experience social action at its best. Make YOUR mark this summer. Programs include Bay Area Mitzvah Corps, Urban Mitzvah Corps, Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica, Mitzvah Corps of the South and Mitzvah Corps at URJ Jutz Camp. For additional information contact 212.650.4071 or Visit

This past week and a half has been a fantastic learning and growth experience for me. Every speaker we’ve had-whether they’ve been speaking about racial segregation, hurricane Katrina, or the food process- has truly left an impact! Each activity we’ve done- like tubing, the Zephy’rs game and the haunted ghost tour-taught us so much about who we are and what kind of people we want to be. This entire program has been amazing! I’m so thankful for the counselors and all of the hard work they’ve put into this! One of the most interesting things I’ve done on this trip thus far has been working at the animal shelter. While not as glamorous a job as I had originally hoped, it definitely has its benefits. Our group helps the shelter by cleaning up animal waste, walking the dogs, and doing general housekeeping. It’s so rewarding since the animals definitely need our help! The volunteer opportunities that we’ve had on this trip are so numerous that I know that I will return home with the mindset of one who wishes to always help others. I love Mitzvah Corps!  ~Erica Michelson